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Mosaic Single MCD 1014
Duke Ellington - Newport 1958
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DEMS 07/1-44

When Duke Ellington set out to make a live album at the [3Jul]1958 Newport Jazz Festival, he set his sights high, targeting new material that had been played by the band only infrequently in the months leading up to the concert. After the performance, Ellington and producer Irving Townsend decided to re-cut eight pieces under more ideal studio conditions [on 21Jul58] and dub in applause to recreate the Newport event. The subsequent Newport 1958 album [LPs Co CL-1245 from 1958 or CBS S 65113 from 1972] contained the eight studio tracks with doctored audience and only two real Newport performances [Just Scratchin' the Surface and Prima Bara Dubla]. A 2-CD Live At Newport 1958 [Columbia Legacy C2K 53584, see DEMS 96/1-8] of all the real Ellington performances from the festival only served to prove that the original assessment by Ellington to re-cut a lot of the material was correct. That reissue also sentenced the musically-superior studio material to obscurity. So for the Mosaic edition of Newport 1958, we have remixed the studio material without the annoying dubbed-in audience, retained the two Newport tracks and added four more successful tracks from the concert, including a version of Feet Bone which was not remade in the studio. We have returned to the original three-track tapes in all cases and mixed them in 24-bit.

From this it may appear that the studio recordings of 21Jul58 are now being released on CD for the first time. That is not the case. In 1993 a French Columbia released a single CD 468436 2. See Richard Ehrenzeller's column in the TDES Newsletter of Feb93.
We suspect that this French CD was nothing more than a dub from the LP but we expect the quality of this Mosaic CD to be much better and we also welcome the absence of dubbed applause.

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Mosaic Single MCD-1012
Various Artists - The Jazz Piano
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DEMS 07/1-45

Actually this CD does not contain any "fresh" Ellington recordings. The spoken introduction to The Second Portrait of the Lion was earlier on the first CD of the three CD pack "Duke Ellington Live and Rare", Bluebird 09026 63953 2, see DEMS 02/2-23/3. Duke's "Father's Day Greetings" which was included in the same 3 CD set, is now missing. What we have gained in this new Mosaic release however is more gorgeous piano playing by Mary Lou Williams, Willie "The Lion" Smith, Charles Bell and Billy Taylor. The opening selection is played by Earl Hines. The title is Somewhere (if we are inclined to believe the Mosaic CD) or Somehow (if we prefer to trust the French RCA LP PL 42105). In both cases the composer is Mort Maser. Both titles appear in Earl Hines' discography on two different releases, which I do not have. Maybe it is the same tune under two different titles. The following Mary Lou Williams track is "fresh" on the Mosaic CD: Miss D.D. The Willie "The Lion" Smith tracks include a "fresh" Blue Skies and a "fresh" Medley with: Just One of Those Things, Tea for Two, Some of These Days and After You've Gone. Bluesette by Charles Bell is "fresh", as are I'll Remember April and 'Round Midnight by Billy Taylor.

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Storyville Records 108 8600
The Duke Box
(8 CDs - 2006)
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DEMS 07/1-46

CD 1 (58:19)

 9Jan40, Southland Café Supper Club, Boston
 1. East St. Louis Toodle-O
 2. Me and You
 3. Grievin'
 4. Little Posey
 5. My Last Goodbye
 6. Gal from Joe's
 7. Tootin' Through the Roof
 8. Day In, Day Out
 9. Merry Go Round

These 9 tracks have been previously issued on the CD Jazz Unlimited JUCD 2022.

10Jun40, CBS studios NYC, pre-recording for BBC broadcast "America Dances"
10. East St. Louis Toodle-O
11. Ko-Ko
12. Blue Goose
13. So Far, So Good
14. Cotton Tail
15. Concerto for Cootie
16. Jack the Bear
17. Boy Meets Horn
18. The Sergeant Was Shy
19. Don't Get Around Much Anymore

These 10 tracks have been previously issued on the CDs Ellington '97 Souvenir CD, Jazz Unlimited JUCD 2069 and JUCD 2043, Moon Records MCD 084-2.
According to Klaus Stratemann (p.162), William White Jr replaced Otto Hardwick on alto saxophone.

CD 2 (77:24)

 7Nov40, "Crystal Ballroom", Fargo, North Dakota
 1. It's Glory
 2. The Mooche
 3. The Sheik of Araby
 4. Sepia Panorama
 5. Ko-Ko
 6. There Shall Be No Night
 7. Pussy Willow
 8. Chatterbox
 9. Mood Indigo
10. Harlem Air-Shaft
11. Ferryboat Serenade
12. Warm Valley
13. Stompy Jones
14. Chloe
15. Bojangles
16. On the Air
17. Rumpus in Richmond
18. Chaser
19. The Sidewalks of New York
20. The Flaming Sword
21. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
22. Caravan
23. Clarinet Lament

These 23 tracks have been previously issued on Vintage Jazz VJC 1019 and Storyville 8316. The Chaser#1 has been left out on both "the old" and "the new" Storyville release. It took less than a second on the Vintage Jazz CD after Warm Valley, track 12. No harm done.

CD 3 (76:56)

 7Nov40, "Crystal Ballroom", Fargo, North Dakota
 1. Slap Happy
 2. Sepia Panorama
 3. Boy Meets Horn
 4. Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
 5. Oh Babe! Maybe Someday
 6. Five O'Clock Whistle
 7. Fanfare
 8. Call of the Canyon
    Unidentified Title
    All This and Heaven Too
 9. Rockin' in Rhythm
10. Sophisticated Lady
11. Cotton Tail
12. Whispering Grass
13. Congo Brava
14. I Never Felt This Way Before
15. Across the Track Blues
16. Honeysuckle Rose
17. Wham
18. Stardust
19. Rose of the Rio Grande
20. St. Louis Blues
21. Warm Valley
22. God Bless America

These 22 tracks have been previously issued on Vintage Jazz VJC 1020 and Storyville 8317. The Chasers#3 & #4 have been left out in the listings of both Storyville releases, they are however present on the CDs after track 8 and track 14. The New DESOR has all four Chasers documented but not the Unidentified Title in track 8 in spite of the fact that this Unidentified Title took 0:09 and the first Chaser only 0:06. The "new" Storyville release is not a carbon copy of the "old" one. Sound differences are for my old ears negligible.
A survey of all previously released LPs and CDs with this dance date has been published in DEMS Bulletin 00/3-7/2.

CD 4 (67:06)

 3Apr43, Hurricane, NYC
 1. Take the "A" Train
 2. Hayfoot, Strawfoot
 3. It Can't Be Wrong
 4. What Am I Here For?
 5. Mainstem
 6. Could It Be You?
 7. Goin' Up
 8. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
 9. Nevada
10. Things Ain't What They Used To Be

 4Apr43, Hurricane, NYC
11. Take the "A" Train
12. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
13. Mainstem
14. I Don't Want Anybody at All
15. Johnny Come Lately
16. Things Ain't What They Used To Be

 6Jun43, Hurricane, NYC
17. Moon Mist
18. You'll Never Know
19. Tonight I Shall Sleep
20. I Don't Know What Kind of Blues I Got
21. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
22. Moon Mist

 8Dec43, Langley Field Air Force Base, Hampton, Virginia
23. Introduction
24. I Wonder Why
25. Goin' Up

Tracks 1 - 22 have been released previously on Storyville 8359. With the exception of track 11, the tracks of the second session were marked in the booklet (which is included in the box) with "A" instead of "B". Tracks 23 - 25 have been released on the 1999 Conference Souvenir CD. It is a pity that again the session of 6Jun43 is missing three of its selections. Betty Roche is missing from the list of musicians participating in the 6Jun43 session. The session of 8Dec43 is also not complete. If that session had been omitted, the entire session of 6Jun43 would have fitted onto this CD.

CD 5 (55:29)

11Dec43, Carnegie Hall, NYC
 1. Star Spangled Banner
 2. Introduction by Duke Ellington
 3. Take the "A" Train
 4. Moon Mist
 5. Tea for Two
 6. Honeysuckle Rose
 7. Stardust
 8. C-Jam Blues
 9. West Indian Dance
10. Emancipation Celebration
11. New World a-Comin'
12. Goin' Up
13. Don't Get Around Much Anymore

CD 6 (57:53)

11Dec43, Carnegie Hall, NYC
 1. Introduction by Duke Ellington
 2. Ring dem Bells
 3. Medley
      In a Sentimental Mood
      Mood Indigo
      Sophisticated Lady
      I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart
 4. Jack the Bear
 5. Do Nothing Till You Hear from Me
 6. Summertime
 7. Cotton Tail
 8. Black and Tan Fantasy
 9. Suddenly It Jumped
    Rockin' in Rhythm
10. I Didn't Know About You
11. Trumpet in Spades
12. Things Ain't What They Used To Be

8Jul44, Naval Training Centre, Bainbridge, Maryland
13. Introduction by announcer and Duke Ellington
14. G. I. Jive
15. Amor
16. Frankie and Johnny

CD 5 and the tracks 1 - 12 of CD 6 were earlier released on the Storyville CD 8341. Tracks 13 - 16 of CD 6 were released on the 1999 Conference Souvenir CD. This means that a number of selections from this 8Jul44 broadcast still remain unreleased. On 8Jul44, Wallace Jones was no longer in the band. He had been replaced by Shelton Hemphill in late Feb44. Skippy Williams was replaced by Al Sears in May44. Betty Roche did not participate in the 8Jul44 session (only Albert Hibbler sang, on one unissued selection, My Little Brown Book). The correct title of track 15 is Amor and not Amor, Amor.

CD 7

26Sep45, The New Zanzibar, NYC
 1. Take the "A" Train
 2. Suddenly It Jumped
 3. Laura
 4. Kissing Bug
 5. Stompy Jones
 6. Solid Old Man
 7. Carnegie Blues
 8. In a Mellow Tone
 9. Fancy Dan
10. Things Ain't What They Used To Be

 3Aug45, World Studio, NYC
11. Black and Tan Fantasy
12. Mood To Be Wooed
13. Frantic Fantasy
14. C-Jam Blues
15. Air Conditioned Jungle
16. On the Sunny Side of the Street
17. Rockin' in Rhythm
18. Take the "A" Train

20Apr46, Howard Theatre, Washington, D.C.
19. The Blues
20. Sono

Tracks 1 - 10 of CD 7 were released on the double CD DETS 9039 9010 (volume 10). The sound quality of this double CD was criticised in DEMS 05/2-27. That criticism was mainly about the Treasury broadcast of 11Aug45. The quality of this 20Sep45 broadcast is acceptable and not better or worse than on the DETS release.
Tracks 11 - 18 have been released on the CD Jazz Unlimited 2043, DEMS 00/2-13/3.
Tracks 19 and 20 have been previously released on the 1999 Conference Souvenir CD, DEMS 99/3-15/3.

CD 8 (70:57)

10Feb49, The Hollywood Empire, L.A. Jubilee bc 336
 1. Solid Old Man
 2. Singin' in the Rain
 3. Three Cent Stomp
 4. Tulip or Turnip
 5. Take the "A" Train

  Feb49, The Hollywood Empire, L.A. Just Jazz bc 46
 6. H'ya Sue
 7. C-Jam Blues
 8. Passion Flower
 9. Clementine
10. Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin'
11. One O'Clock Jump

  Feb49, The Hollywood Empire, L.A. Jubilee bc 361
12. Unbooted Character
13. Paradise
14. How You Sound
15. It's Monday Every Day
16. Caravan
17. Cotton Tail

The complete CD 8 has been released previously on Storyville 8346.
Ray Nance was not in the band during the Just Jazz bc.
Dan Morgenstern believes that Billy Strayhorn was at the piano in the middle of track 5 and in the whole track 8. I believe he is right although I wonder why the very active speaker, Burley Smith, didn't mention it and I wonder who played the piano in track 9, since it started without any interruption after track 8, too short to change places behind the piano.

It is a real pleasure to read Dan Morgenstern's liner-notes while listening to the fine music. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Dan in his introduction wrote the name as Jimmie Blanton, but I am sorry to say that in his review of CD8 he wrote again Jimmy Blanton.
If you are reluctant to touch with your fingers the playing surface of the CDs you will have problems to taking them out of their envelopes, which are too tight.

If you already have in your collection the CDs
Jazz Unlimited 2022 (94/1-4)
and Ellington '97 Souvenir or Jazz Unlimited 2069 (99/5-4) or Jazz Unlimited 2043 (00/2-13/3) or Moon Records 084 (97/2-16)
and Vintage Jazz 1019/1020 (91/1-6) or Storyville 8316/8317 (00/4-20/2)
and Storyville 8359 (03/1-15/6)
and Ellington '99 Souvenir (99/3-15/3)
and Storyville 8341 (02/1-19/1)
and DETS Volume 10 9039 9010 (05/2-27)
and Storyville 8346 (03/3-21/2)
you certainly have a nice collection. There is no need for you to buy this 8 CD box. If, however, you are missing one or more sessions, you are strongly advised to buy a set. You not only will have the music but also the extremely well-written liner-notes by Dan Morgenstern. You also support Storyville records. I wish that company a very great success with this box, although I hope it won't be too great, because that might make them decide to concentrate on re-releases of their own material, and I belong to the fanatics who hope that they will again give some attention to what we call "fresh" material. In cases where parts of a session are missing, we offer to supply the material to make them complete, but we would rather see completely "fresh" releases from the Danish Radio treasure trove.
Sjef Hoefsmit

The Duke Box will be available from our web-site from February 15 - either on-line or order by email to me
Prices are: EUR 66,98; USD 79,98; GBP 49,98; DKK 499,00 plus postage.
Mona Granager

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Sony & BMG CH 672 3678-2
Dreyfus double CD
"Duke Ellington the Art of Jazz"
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DEMS 07/1-47

I don't think this has been mentioned so far. The Dreyfus Duke CDs "Ko-Ko" (DEMS 02/1-17/7) and "Take the 'A' Train" (04/3-33) have been issued as a boxed set by Sony & BMG. I just purchased it here, Winnipeg, at Indigo Books.
The two discs are packed I assume in the original Dreyfus folding containers. I have only compared one selection so far, with the RCA 24 CD box, the issued take of Ko-Ko.
Dreyfus is clearer and warmer. I felt I was sitting just in front and centre of the band. The RCA seemed to put a distance between Duke's piano, Jimmie Blanton's bass and the rest of the band and of course the overall sound is slightly more harsh.
It appears that the boxed set is part of a series, others are Nat Cole and Stan Getz. Both Dreyfus CDs have the same quality sound. Well worth investigating.
Just a couple of bits of info re the contents of the 2nd CD, "Take the A Train", FDM 36732-2: the last track is not Solitude from the "Masterpieces" from 18Dec50, Columbia, but the piano solo from 14May41, RCA. All the others from a quick listen appear to be as stated in the liners notes.
To me the sound job done on I Got It Bad, with Ivie is just so detailed and warm, the impression is that it was recorded recently, not 26Jun41.
Worth every penny.
Bill Morton**

That's strange. On the original CD it was undoubtedly the Masterpiece from 18Dec50.
Sjef Hoefsmit**

This is strange indeed, because the disc itself looks like the original Dreyfus disc, there is no reference to anything other than Dreyfus. The basic color is cream, with black lettering, including copyright and publishing date 2001. The only DEMS reference I could find was at 02/1-1718. There the writer also stated that the tracks appear to be as listed. Curious.
Bill Morton**

Are you sure?
Sjef Hoefsmit**

Yes I've listened to it again, and it is definitely the issued 14May41, Solitude, solo. All the other titles are as listed in the liner notes. The liner notes definitely state the version is from 18Dec50, timed at 8:23minutes. The back liners simply list the title and the time as 8:23. The face of the CD itself has no listing of tracks, simply the info re Dreyfus records as stated earlier and identification info of that publication.
Another very small point, in the DEMS 02/1-17/8 review, track 10 is listed as Chelsea Bridge date 16Dec41. The actual version is as listed, namely from the transcription of 17Sep41.
Hope this helps.
Bill Morton**

The date of 16Dec41 is wrong anyhow. We are sorry that we haven't checked the dates. The closest date to that wrong date is 2Dec41.
This double CD is not only well worth investigating but also well worth investing in if you have missed your chance a couple of years ago. The Dreyfus CDs are generally considered the best as far as sound quality is concerned with ASV second best.

The New DESOR corrections

DEMS 07/1-48

Page 91. Session 4504. DE4504m. The correct title is not Wish You Are Waitin' for Me (as stated in the August 2003 corrections on page 5006, DEMS 03/2-29). The correct title is Wish You Were Waitin' for Me.

Pages 372 and 373. Sessions 6429 and 6430. Chicago Conrad Hilton Hotel Celebrity Suite, NAB Convention, early Apr64.
I think an additional note to New Desor entries 6429 and 6430 should usefully specify the following:
6429q-v are from first set on first night
6430a-k are from second set on first night
6429a-p are from second set on second night
We can clearly deduce this sequence from Stratemann page 483: "JH, LB contracted for the first night" and "CW, JHa, PG, HC contracted for the second night"
from Duke saying just before 6430k: "this is our second show tonight"
from the speaker closing the show after 6429p and inviting attenders to reconvene "from two to six tomorrow".
Klaus Götting

Page 1499. Martha Tilton died Friday, December 8, 2006 at her home in Brentwood, western part of Los Angeles.
Stanley Slome

Martha Tilton was born on 14Nov15 in Corpus Christi in Texas, according to the Newsletter of Feb07 of the Toronto Chapter of the Duke Ellington Society and not on 12Nov18 as stated in the New DESOR.

Pages XXXV and 1166. How Could You Do a Thing Like that to Me? is not the subtitle of Sultry Sunset, but it is the subtitle of Sultry Serenade. Where the title Working Eyes comes from is unknown to me.

Page 1168. According to Duke in Music Is My Mistress page 112, he wrote Sunset and the Mockingbird. Where have you found the claim that Billy Strayhorn wrote it?

DESOR small corrections

DEMS 07/1-49

These corrections are authorised by Luciano Massagli and Giovanni Volonté.

DESOR small corrections 5012

Volume 1 (Corrections April 2007)

XXII - WLS….Willie "The Lion" Smith ….p. (06/3-4)
294 - 27Sep60, session 6030. Add: KHIP broadcast.
350 - 20Aug63, session 6362. RP plays also s.s. After the correction it should read as follows:
RP (a.s.,cl.,s.s.); RPo (a.s.,cl.)

Volume 2 (Corrections April 2007)

1125 - Skillypoop. 6362av, aw, ax, 6364s: RP plays s.s. instead of cl.
1442 - Baker, "Two Ton" Dick. Add: May 2, 1916 - May 4, 1975.
1442 - Ballew, "Smith". Jan 21, 1902 - May 2, 1984.
1445 - Black, "Dave" David John. Jan 23, 1928 - Dec 4, 2006. (07/1-2)
1452 - Cohn, "Sonny" George Thomas. Mar 14, 1925 - Nov 7, 2006. (06/3-33)
1456 - Durham, Bobby. Add: Feb 3, 1937 -
1477 - Liston, Melba Doretta. Jan 13, 1926 - Apr 23, 1999. (06/3-33)
1484 - O'Day, Anita (Anita Belle Colton). Oct 18, 1919 - Nov 23, 2006. (06/3-33)
1488 - Procope, Russell. On clarinet, delete Skillipoop; on soprano sax, add: Skillipoop.
1497 - Taylor, "Billy" William. Stay in the band, add: and July 1969 (9058). Add: Perdido. (06/3-4)