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Part 4. The New Desor Corrections

The suggestions by Jean Portier are signed with JP.
I only signed my suggestions (with SH) if that was helpful to prevent confusion.
Sjef Hoefsmit

Page XVIII. Marie Ellington. It is Maria. You'll find this is so in her bios as well as her daughter Natalie's bio. Natalie's middle name is "Maria," after her mother. I know Maria Ellington's name is often mistakenly written as "Marie Ellington."
Jo Ann Sterling

Page 105. Session 4546, 14Jul45. Add after 4546j, I'm Beginning To See the Light: DETS 14.
Lance Travis

Page 110. Session 4557, 20Aug45. The date is wrong, it should read 8Sept45 "Saturday Night Jam Session and Dance" at Lincoln Center NYC. Buster Bailey, Herbie Fields cl, Ben Webster, Don Byas ts, Stuff Smith v, Duke Ellington p, unknown g, Al Lucas b, Eddie Nicholson dr, on The Romp.
Same as above (including Ellington!) + Dexter Gordon ts, Herbie Fields only on ts, omit Buster Bailey on Honeysuckle Rose.
Sources: NY Amsterdam News 8Sept45 +Anthony Barnett: Desert Sands p131+supplement p60.
Heinz Baumeister

See also Klaus Stratemann p263.

Page 156. We have collected a great number of conflicting opinions about the session 4801 of 6Nov48.

Klaus Stratemann p293: Ben Webster rejoined on 11Nov.

Jane Vollmer: 6Nov, Schenectady, NY, both Hal Singer and Al Sears were listed. No Webster. See also Vail p340.

Carl Hällström: The NBC Artist card index for Duke Ellington shows a broadcast from Schenectady on 5Nov48. Ole Nielsen p99 and Klaus Stratemann p293 show a Union College dance & NBC broadcast in the same city at 6Nov. So who's right?

Gordon Ewing: 5Nov48: Query: Although I have DEO playing a dance at the Union College Gridiron Ball in Schenectady NY with verification, Jack Towers states that DEO played the Duke Ellington Club in Washington DC for ten days beginning 1Nov. He also says that Ben Webster rejoined the band on the 11th just before the Carnegie Hall Concert.

Heinz Baumeister: It is in my opinion (and in the opinion of others) obviously Ben Webster soloing in Y'oughta. It was Ben's first night with the Duke. Ben met Duke end of October in Washington and Duke offered the job to him. Ben accepted immediately: "But he offered me more bread than I had with my own band ...", this is taken from an interview with the Danish Radio. Ben did not replace anyone but was an "extra man". I have listened one more time to "You oughta" (I find this spelling everywhere, what is right and what is wrong?) and I think that the first tenor solo is by Sears, the second by Webster. Can you agree?

The New DESOR has Ben Webster in the band with Al Sears but without Hal Singer. In the description on page 1282 only Ben Webster is mentioned as soloist in Y'oughta.

SH: I am not convinced that Ben Webster played the solo in Y'oughta. See also DEMS 97/4-16/2 and 98/2-19/3.

Pages 160 and 161. Sessions 4903, 4905 and 4908, Feb49. I found on page 344 of Ken Vail's "Duke's Diary" Part One, first edition, a reproduction of a newspaper clipping about Duke's stay at the Hollywood Empire that ended like this: 'Billy Strayhorn, whose composition "Take the 'A' Train," and his recent "Lush Life," takes over the piano once each evening for the entertainment of dancing and listening patrons.'
I have listened to several recordings from the Hollywood Empire residency and I believe that Billy played the piano in Passion Flower, 4903c and that he took over after the introduction in Take the "A" Train, 4905e. I do not agree with Andrew Homzy, who claims that Billy also played in Cotton Tail, 4908f. (See Storyville 101 8346 on page 21/2.)

Page 177. Session 5127, 7Dec51. Harlem on the Columbia releases is edited from take -1 (5127e), take -3 (5127g) and the coda take -4 (5127d). Take -1 has been used until chorus 24°. The rest was taken from take -3 in which the ending was replaced with the coda take -4. I mentioned this earlier in DEMS 00/2-19/p177. If you look at the description of 5127e in the New DESOR (p888) you could expect that the replacement of the original 12 bar coda by the 14 bar coda (5127d) would have resulted in a 2 bars longer coda in the released version on Columbia. However, the coda of take -1 (5127e) is a bit longer and the coda of take -3 (5127g) is much longer than the edited result on the Columbia releases. This means that the descriptions of the coda's are not correct. There is another slight difference between take -1 and the Columbia release, which I only found after Steven Lasker sent me a copy on CD of a set of three 78 r.p.m. acetates, which contain the Columbia version of Harlem. Comparison revealed that there is a slight difference in the C section of chorus 20°. I found no other differences between Steven's acetates and take -1 (5127e) until I reached chorus 24°. On the Columbia releases chorus 20° is different from both take -1 and from take -3. There must have been more recorded material, used to repair chorus 20° before release.
Up to Date 2005 has a complete un-edited copy of take -3.

Page 197. Session 5331, Prob. Fall 1953. Note. Billy played first an unidentified title and Drawing Room Blues, before he played You Go to My Head and Lush Life.

Page 292. Session 6025, 22Jul60. Portrait of Louis Armstrong, 6025g is a wrong title. The correct title is Big Bash. This correction was earlier discussed in 00/2-19 and 00/3-25. Comparison of the descriptions on page 748 for 6024b (12) and on page 1076 for 6025g (AABA32) reveals that several parts are the same:
6025 - 10°(nc)12LB,3BAND,1RN; is the same as
6024 - 6°LB;pas3BAND,1RN;.
6025 - 11°(nc)4BAND,8PG,3BAND,1RN; is the same as
6024 - 7°PG;pas3BAND,1RN;
6025 - 12°(nc)2BAND&RN,6PG&BAND;pas4PG&BAND; is
6024 - 9°PG;
6025 - 13°(nc)6PG&BAND; is the same as
6024 - 10°(nc)6PG;
Furthermore: add between 6025m (The Mooche) and 6025n (Take the "A" Train): Day In, Day Out and Lost in Loveliness.
Add St. Louis Blues between 6025v (Laura) and 6025w (Dance of the Floreadores).
Add in the Medley Solitude between g) (Sophisticated Lady) and (Just Squeeze Me) [which was h) and is now i)].
6025z (Caravan) was followed by what Duke called the last interval in the programme. After that "5 minutes interval", Duke started to play Take the "A" Train, while the band reassembled.
Add One More Once with an encore between 6025ac, (Wailing Interval) and 6025ad (Mood Indigo).

We have listened more and more to Portrait of Louis Armstrong and Big Bash and we have come to the conclusion that 6025g is composed of two tunes.
We suggest to change 6025g as follows:
(p1076) Portrait of Louis Armstrong, 6025g:
1°/2°(nc)16DE; 3°DE;4°BAND;5°(nc)4BAND,12DE;6°(nc)16 DE.
(p748) Big Bash, 6025xa:
(See Correction-sheet 1052)
Luciano Massagli

Page 295. Session 6034, 24oct60. The correct name of the location is William and Mary College.
Art Pilkington

Page 295. Session 6035, 17Dec60. This telecast is generally considered to be from 25Dec60. I went to the ORTF and reported to DEMS on 4May90 that this show was recorded on 17Dec and telecast on 23Dec60.
François Moulé

(Session 6035 cont.) Duke was welcomed by Jean Sablon and Jacqueline Joubert. Between Take the "A" Train and Solitude, Duke played twice Just Scratchin' the Surface, which was called New Trends in Music.

Page 297. Session 6103, 3Mar61, Correction-sheet 1023. According to the liner-notes of the LP CBS 88654 Tulip or Turnip, 6103c, has take number -6.

Page 299. Session 6109, 1Jun61. The Recording Report of the American Federation of Musicians (AFoM) indicates that Britt Woodman was present and Louis Blackburn was not. It may be that the New DESOR has based its statement on Klaus Stratemann p442, where it is said that Lou [sic] Blackburn replaced Booty Wood starting 11Jan61, in which case some doubt is called for. Mathew Gee replaced Booty Wood from Sep60 and not Britt Woodman as claimed in Stratemann p426.

Page 301. Session 6114, 30Jul61. Change the matrix-number of 6114b from 67172 to 67855.
In the Danish Arkiv # 35100 are three takes of Cops: A, B and C.
A is announced as Part 1 take 8. It sounds so much different from B and C that it may very well have been recorded on 1Jun. It is a remake of 67172 according to the Recording Report. It is the same as 6114a.
B on # 35100 is identical with 6114c.
C is the same as 6114b. It is announced on the recording as Part 2, take 1. It is issued as Part 1.

Page 304. Sessions 6122 and 6123, 19 and 20Sep61. In the small corrections (Sheet 5003, Sep 2000) it is said that "The Girls Suite" on 19and 20Sep61 was recorded at the Radio Recorders Studio. On the contract between the AFoM and Columbia Records the Name and Address of Place of Engagement is filled in as: Columbia Records - 6121 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood; Studio A. I suggest to delete the correction of Sep 2000.

Page 304. Session 6123, 20Sep61. Add at the end of the recording session: Congo Square (Matumbe).

Page 306. Session 6128, 21Nov61. Unidentified "I" is the signature tune of WNEW. It is played by Big Wilson and Ellington together. At the end of the recording Duke made two takes of a promotional statement for the WNEW broadcast of 8Dec.

Page 308. Session 6204, 5 and 9Jan62. I believe that the music for this picture was recorded on Saturday 6Jan62.

Page 310. Session 6211, 27Feb62. In the Recording Report of the AFoM: Billy Strayhorn is in and Duke and Cat Anderson are out. I believe that Billy played on My Man. If Theo's No was named for Teo Macero the spelling is wrong.

Page 313. Session 6219, early May62. This session took place on 1May62. Bill Berry mentioned in his presentation in Leeds on 23May97 the fact that there was a studio-session in which Paul Gonsalves played the solos, normally played by others (the Fantasy album "DE featuring PG") on the same day as the Della Reese show recordings. But he must have meant the Garry Moore show recordings. The Della Reese recording was made on 13Feb62. (See also KS p460.)

Page 313. Session 6220, 20May62. The date of 20May62 is highly unlikely.
Klaus Stratemann wrote to Ole Nielsen: "Ellington was in hospital for a gall bladder operation from 8May62 to 19May62. According to my files, the band recorded at Bell studios on 23, 24 and 25May."

Gordon Ewing wrote to me: "On 8May Ellington entered University Hospital for a gall bladder operation. He was not with the band until 26May. Billy Strayhorn subbed on piano and Mercer conducted. On 26May Ellington told the audience before the concert that he had just had an operation and he turned the band over to Mercer."

I suggest to change the date to 23May. Even 28May is a possibility. There was another Bell Studio recording session on that date. On the CD cover: Perdido and Someone are from 28May62 and Passion Flower is from 6Jun62. In the Danish files all four titles were first dated 28May62. This was later corrected to 20May. This explains the out of sequence numbering. Benny Aasland had all four titles on 20May62 in his files. There is no doubt that Duke was alive and well at this session.

Page 319. Session 6237, 18Aug62. DE6237e, Self Portrait of the Bean has also some similarity to Snibor. I suggest that it should keep its own title. It has too many differences from Grievin' for the two to be considered identical. Timner has accepted my suggestion and dropped this claim in his 4th edition.

We don't agree with you: Self Portrait of the Bean sounds unlike to Snibor. We are still convinced that the theme is the same as Grievin'.
Luciano Massagli

Page 320 and 321. Session 6241, 19Sep62. The Ellington Orchestra was not involved in this Tonight Show. It was the Skitch Henderson Orchestra including the NBC staff member Clark Terry.
The show was not aired on 20Sep62 but it was a live performance on 19Sep62, see the New York Times 19Sep62 TV listing.

Page 322. Include an interview by Paul Smith with Ellington and Dr William Fowler at Salt Lake City on 5oct62.

Pages 324 and 325. Sessions 6254 and 6256, 13 and 14Dec62. Both takes of Eighth Veil from session 6254 belong to session 6256. This is confirmed in the liner-notes of the Mosaic set.

Page 325. Session 6259, 29Dec62. The end of Auld Lang Syne, take -3 on the releases was replaced by the insert coda take -7.

Page 331. Session 6313, 3Feb63. The correct spelling of the interviewer's name is Gun Allroth. Her name is not Albroth. Gun Allroth worked for the Swedish Television Newscanal "Aktuellt" as a reporter. She lived in 1963 in Malmö. She did the interview. I talked to her ex-husband. See also DEMS 94/1-3.
Göran Wallén

Page 332. Session 6316, 6 or 7Feb63. Comparison of Afro-Bossa with every recording we have from the first and second European tour in 1963 reveals that it must have been from the first tour (from 12Jan until 1Mar63). Duke explicitly announced the title as Afro-Bossa only after he returned in May of that year. During the first tour he used only as title Boola as he also did on the recording 6316a. I suspect that these four titles belong to the first part of the concert in Milano on 21Feb63, because the first part of that concert is obviously missing from our tape and other selections of the Pablo release are from this concert. We will probably never know.

Page 332. Session 6318, 7Feb63. The closing selection Mood Indigo is the same recording as the opening selection. This is obvious if one watches the video recording.
Klaus Stratemann p680, gives 24Jun63 as date for the telecast. Maybe it was on the air twice?

Page 334. Session 6324, 11Feb63. In my files, this interview is from 13Feb63. It was on 13Feb that Duke was in Munich. Nothing is known of his whereabouts on 11Feb63.

Page 335. Session 6327, 15Feb63. The date is correct, but the location was Berlin, not Hamburg. In the interview it is said that this interview came after a concert and that "the symphony recordings were made yesterday".

Page 338. Session6333, 24Feb63. Add an earlier complete take of Solitude (4':43"). The story that this was a one take recording is not correct.

Pages 344 and 918. Session 6344, 25May63. After the interrupted Just Squeeze Me 6344h i) came It Don't Mean a Thing which is not on my tape, but the following I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart & Don't Get Around Much Anymore are. The description should read : Same as 4624h, but: int6DE.

Page 348. Session 6356, 4Jul63. I do not recognise Ellington as the piano-player in Action in Alexandria.

In our opinion the piano player is Duke Ellington.
Luciano Massagli

Pages 349/350. Session 6361, 12Aug63. I think you should include the selections after the Medley, when Cab Calloway did some songs from his repertoire. The band was playing behind him and concluded the programme with Take the "A" Train without Cab Calloway. I am not certain about a few of the titles of Cab Calloway's portion of the programme. I have in my files: Get Happy; Our Day Will Come; I'll Be Around; St. James Infirmary; Don't You Know and Minnie the Moocher.

We did not include in 6361 the Cab Calloway part of the concert for the same reason that we didn't include the second part of the concerts with Ella Fitzgerald.
Luciano Massagli

Page 351. Session 6362, 20Aug63. Add to the note: The tap-dance of Bunny Briggs in David Danced (track 49, 6362an) was dubbed in later. "BBr(t.d.) added." and "BBr(t.d.)out." should be deleted.
The original intro of Light (track 51, 6362ao) is for the released version replaced by the complete insert trumpet-intro (track 71, 6362bf). Track 71 should have the release number between parentheses.

Pages 352 and 713. 99% Won't Do, 6363k. The description should read: int2JBe;1°/2°IBS;cod4IBS. The description as it is now is almost correct for what was released on the album. I would have described the released version as follows: int2JBe;1°(nc)8IBS;2°(nc)8IBS;cod4IBS. The last 8 bars from the first chorus and the first 8 bars of the second chorus were deleted on the commercial release.

Pages 352 and 1271. What Color Is Virtue?, 6363n. The description should read: intJS(tk.);1°JS;pas8LBe;2°/3°JS&IBS;cod4IBS,2BAND&IBS.
6363q, r, s and t are four intercuts. There was a fifth, which should be included on pages 352 and 1271. It should read: Same as 6363r. This complete fifth intercut has replaced the coda of track -18 (6363n) on the released version; this fifth intercut should have the release number between parentheses.

Page 352. Session 6364, 25Aug63. The location was Arie Crown, not Aerie Crown Theatre.

Page 354. Session 6366, 27Aug63. I have some doubts about the date. According to Davis Hajdu in Lush Life p228, "Billy Strayhorn took a brief break from the show for another demonstration of black pride, the 200,000-strong March on Washington on August 28, 1963. Arriving two days early to offer help in the preparations ...." It is possible that Billy did not play (that he did is stated in the New DESOR) but I am sure that he was present.

Page 363. Session 6409, 20Feb64. The title of the telecast was "Jazz 625". Although it is mentioned in the Joe Igo - Duke Ellington Itinerary, I cannot confirm the title "Jazz on Campus".

Page 367. Session 6418, 10Mar64. During the first part of the concert Erkki Valaste replaced Sam Woodyard. See DEMS 80/2-5.

Pages 372 and 373. Sessions 6429 and 6430, Apr64. It should be made clear (maybe in a note) that 6430 was the first appearance and 6429 the second.

Page 374. Session 6433, 20Apr64. Add Happy Reunion between Never on Sunday and Wailing Interval.

Page 375. Session 6436, 28&29Apr64. The recordings we hear in the broadcast were made on 29Apr64. See the article by Martin Williams, who witnessed the taping of the show and reported in Down Beat magazine. His article is reprinted in DEMS 95/2-6. It confirms the date of the recording as Duke's birthday. There is a reference made to rehearsals on the previous day. See also DEMS 81/1-5.

Page 375. Session 6438, 19May64. I believe that we should delete Rolf Ericson from the personnel listing. According to Klaus Stratemann (p484) Rolf left the band at the end of April. I cannot hear him in any of the recordings of May64, he is most noticeably missing in Jam with Sam on 24May.

We don't know exactly when Rolf Ericson left the band. We can say, however, that he was present during the Apollo Theatre shows between 27Apr and 2May. Nat Woodard who replaced him, joined the band on 29May. If Ericson was not present in May who was the 4th trumpet during that time?
Luciano Massagli

Pages 379, 380 and 381. Sessions 6445, 24Jun64 and 6449/6450, both Jun/Jul64. I need help. I have compared every selection from the CBS telecast "Duke Ellington Swings Through Japan" (6450) with every selection in all the recordings we have from this tour, including the 24Jun64 concert (6445). I found only that the 1:22 long Nagoya (in the telecast between The Mooche and I Got It Bad) is taken from 1Jul64 (6451a). Both Stratemann (p487) as DESOR (p381) claim that the concert portion of the telecast was filmed in Kyoto. Stratemann even claims that it was from 24Jun64, which makes sense because that was the only day in the tour that Duke played in Kyoto. I have a note that the concert of 24Jun64 (6445) started at 7:00 PM and that it was the only concert that evening. Something seems to be wrong.
I suggest that we question the fact that there was only one concert at 7:00 PM. I suggest that there was a second concert that evening which was filmed for CBS and I would give session 6450 the date of 24Jun64 and the location Kyoto and put it after 6445 as the second concert.
The only piano interlude in the telecast is identified as Nagoya (6451a). This means that session 6449 should be deleted. Klaus Stratemann gives from Nagoya 0:25 for the segment in the documentary "Duke Ellington Swings Through Japan". Klaus Götting gives 1:17 for that segment and 5:38 for the segment in the Danish broadcast #26. The Danish file (# 35241) gives 8:20 as total length. I have measured a total of 8:32 as follows: 0:34 not issued; 5:26 in Danish bc #26; 1:22 in "Duke Ellington Swings Through Japan" and 1:10 not issued. There is no overlap between the Danish bc and the CBS portion, which explains why it was not identified earlier.

Page 986. La Plus Belle Africaine, 6618h. The beginning should read: 1°IDE;2°I2°/4°IJL&DE; The end should read: 27°/36°IJHa;37°IJL&DE;cod2JL.

Page 1039. My Greatest Mistake, 4021d. 1°(nc)8HC,8BAND&HC, instead of 1°(nc)8HC,8BAND,

Page 1076. Portrait of the Lion, 3907g. 4°BAND&RS;5°JH&DE;6°8BAND&DE,8BAND&RS. instead of 4°BAND;5°JH;6°8BAND,8BAND&RS.
Portrait of the Lion, 3907h. same as 3907g but: 4°BAND;5°JH&DE;6°BAND.

Page 1082. Purple People, 6366, was played by Russell Procope and Bob Freedman. Duke gave in the studio instructions to Russell and Bob.

Page 1127. Skunk Hollow Blues, 3920h. 4°/5°JH&BS;6°BAND&BS; instead of 4°/5°JH;6°BAND;

Page 1129. So I'll Come Back for More, 3906b. 2°LBa(vc.)&BB&RS; instead of 2°LBa(vc)&RS;

Page 1136. Some Saturday , 4117a. int3BAND,1JB; instead of int4BAND;

Page 1138. Something To Live For, 3907i. 2°JE&BS; instead of 2°JE;

Page 1162. Subtle Lament, 3906e. int1DE,1BT,1DE,1BT; instead of int4DE;

Page 1206. The Girl in My Dreams, 4120e. 2°HJ&RS; instead of 2°HJ;

Page 1250. Trombone Buster, 6550w is not the same as 6550v. Buster Cooper played already in this take as he did in 6550x. The end: cod28BC,2BAND&BC. seems to be correct for 6550w. I'm not strong at counting bars in coda's.

Page 1251. T.T. on Toast, 3830b. 6HC,10BAND, instead of 2°16BAND,

Page 1267. Wanderlust, 3831d. 8BAND,4JH(s.s.); instead of 2°BAND; and 5°8BAND,4JH(s.s.); instead of 5°BAND;

Page 1270. West Indian Stomp, 4101h. int2HC,6BAND&JN; instead of int2HC,6BAND;

Page1310. Item 0143, Atlantic SD 1688. Add a note: B04 - Limbo Jazz, choruses 13°/17° are deleted.

Page 1363. Item 0412, Hall of Fame JG 627. Edit the note: Track A04: coda omitted. Track B01: as Cocoa

Page 1375. Item 0484, "The Private Collection-Vol.4" Make a correction in the note: track 009: ends at the 3rd bar of the 14° chorus.


Wish You Are … or Wish You Were

03/3 DEMS 28/1

With my very last check of the texts of the last Bulletin (03/2) I stumbled on page 29 in the DESOR small corrections 5006 column on the instruction of Giovanni and Luciano to correct the title on page 91 into Wish You Are Waitin' for Me. I checked the reference to Lance Travis' suggestion in 03/1-27 and I found that Lance wrote the title as Wish You Were … I tried to establish the correct title and I only encountered the title Wish You Were… I also listened to the recording: Were … again. I emailed to Luciano for his decision. This was his answer: "The title Wish You Are Waiting for Me is clearly pronounced by the announcer during a broadcast of the Stan Kenton orchestra from the Hollywood Palladium (30Nov44). This broadcast is published on Queen Disc Q054."
When I received this answer, it was too late to correct the Correction-sheet 5006, which I had already mailed to some DEMS members who have given me a permanent order for these sheets. The text of DESOR small corrections 5006, as it is printed on page 29 of Bulletin 03/2, does however conform with the wishes of Luciano and Giovanni.
I personally believe that the announcer made a mistake in his announcement during the Stan Kenton broadcast.


New DESOR correction-sheets


1052 - 6025   Sacramento    22Jul60     03/3-25

1053 - 6025   descriptions  22Jul60     03/3-25
       3208   NYC           18May32     03/2-7/1
       3403   L.A.          26Feb34     03/3-18
       4024   Chicago       13Sep40     03/2-9/2
       4025   Chicago       21Sep40     03/2-9/2

1054 - 6229   Mineola       17Jun62
       6344   Wiesbaden     25May63     03/3-26

1055 - 9035   London        16Feb65     03/2-8

1056 - 9035   descriptions  16Feb65     03/2-8
       6512   Stuttgart      9Feb65


2004 - 3403/09   Ebony Rhapsody         03/3-18/1
       3502      Tough Truckin'         02/1-25
       6338      Strange Visitor        00/2-4/1
       7136      Toto                   02/1-6/1
Correction-sheet 2004 is not yet available.


3017 - 4303/04/21  Storyville 101-8359  02/3-20/2
       4542/77/45/83        DETS Vol.7  03/2-23/1
       4546/82/47           DETS Vol.8  03/3-29
       6508           Laserlight 17411  02/2-25/4

3018 - Gonsalves Musica Jazz MJCD-1153  03/2-27/2
       5853    Storyville CD STCD 8324  03/2-27/1
Correction-sheet 3018 is not yet available.


DESOR small corrections 5007

Volume 1 (Corrections December 2003)

19 - Session 3208. Add 3208xa Clouds in My Heart take -A. Correction-sheet 1053. (03/2-7/1)

23 - Session 3403. The soundtrack is re-numbered as 3403d. It follows three other "takes". Correction-sheet 1053. (03/3-18)

49 - Sessions 4017. The actual date is August 17 instead of August 19. (03/2-9/2)

50 - Session 4024. Add 4024g, Warm Valley. Correction-sheet 1053. (03/2-9/2)

51 - Session 4025. Add 4025b, Warm Valley. Correction-sheet 1053. (03/2-9/2)

119 - Session 4582. Add: MBS broadcast.

151 - Session 4728. 4728c, add: FDC 1023; 4728g, delete: FDC 1023. This correction should also be made on Correction-sheet 1018. (03/2-28)

173 - Session 5113. Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin', 5113h, is released on Musica Jazz MJCD-1153. Correction-sheet 3018. (03/2-27/2)

174 - Session 5115. Primping at the Prom, 5115b, is released on Musica Jazz MJCD-1153. Correction-sheet 3018. (03/2-27/2)

186 - Session 5226. Warm Valley, 5226b, is released on Musica Jazz MJCD-1153. Correction-sheet 3018. (03/2-27/2)

264 - Session 5853. This concert is released on Storyville CD STCD 8324. Correction-sheet 3018. (03/2-27/1)

292 - Session 6025. Make some corrections as described on 03/3-25. Correction-sheets 1052 and 1053.

316 - Session 6229. Add 6229xa, Tea for Two between 6229c, Honeysuckle Rose and 6229d, Congo Square. Correction-sheet 1054.

320 - Session 6239. 6239d, add: LMR CD-83002.

344 - Session 6344. 6344h, add: j) I Let and Don't Get. Correction-sheet 1054. (03/3-26)

391 - Session 6512. Add 6512xa, Come Sunday and 6512xb, Light (Montage) between 6512k, Worksong and 6512l, Stompy Jones. Correction-sheet 1056.

395 - Make a note between sessions 6519 and 6520 for a new session, 9035. Correction-sheets 1055 and 1056. (03/2-8)

411/412 - Sessions 6564 and 6565. Should read: 1st concert (and) 2nd concert. (03/2-28)

Volume 2 (Corrections December 2003)

755 - Black Beauty, 6022b: 2°LB;cod2LB. (03/2-28)

856 - Ebony Rhapsody. 3403a should be corrected and re-numbered to 3403d. New descriptions have been made for 3403a, b and c. Correction-sheet 2004. (03/3-18)

861 - Emancipation Celebration, 4561l: Same as 4364i, but: int12DE,4BAND. (03/2-28)

918 - I Let & Don't Get. Add: *6344h Same as 4624h, but int6DE. (03/3-26)

1004 - Lucky Number Blues instead of Lucky Numbers Blues. M.Eisenberg, R.W.Phipps instead of P.Grainger/A.Jones. (03/1-27)

1076 - Portrait of Louis Armstrong, 6025g. Delete from 7°(nc) until the end. (03/3-25)

1132 - Solitude. Add: *6025y %;cod4LG,2BAND. (03/3-25)

1279 - Worksong, 6512k. Delete: ,but: 18°IV4LB,%

1359 - Item 0391. For Discriminate Collectors 1023. A06: (4728c) instead of (4728g) (03/2-28)

1445 - Blanton, "Jimmy" James. Oct 5, 1919 instead of 1918. (03/2-28)

1470 - Horn, Paul. Is also in the session of 4oct60. (03/2-29)