03/2 August-November 2003


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Part 5. The New DESOR corrections

Page 11 . See suggested correction in DEMS 02/2-26.
On a 10May47 WNEW broadcast (DE4706), Robinson and Ellington both recalled their first session together, it sounds like Ellington's men on Ain't Misbehavin' and Doin' the New Low Down, and Ellington was associated with Irving Mills whose recording groups were sometimes called the Hotsy Totsy Gang. So why not accept this as genuine Ellington session? Steven Lasker**

Pages 60 and 1403 . Session 4201 - 21Jan42.
Moon Mist take -1 or take -2?
We do not agree with you about the take numbers. The Victor Sheet of 21 January 1942 states that take -1 was used for LPV 541. Moreover, on the 78 rpm HMV B 9292 we can read take -1. Subsequently all the records used the same take -1 with the exception of RCA FXM1 - 7301 which has a different take. Luciano Massagli
Indeed. HMV B 9292 carries a small number 1. However, I would not trust these numbers. The 2Dec41 Raincheck, on Victor 27880-B carries in exactly the same position the number 2, but we all know that it is take -1. I discussed this matter with Steven Lasker and Steven wrote a highly interesting and informative article about this matter, which is too long for being included in this column. See page 5 of this Bulletin. SH**

Page 91 . Why is Art Tatum, being a guest on the 17Jan45 concert, not mentioned in a note? Lance Travis
The Esquire concert was one with many artists and we described the Ellington portion only. The case of the 5622 concert is different: this was an Ellington concert with the addition of some non-Ellington items. The same thing happened for the concerts Ella & Duke. Luciano Massagli

Page 151 . Session 4728 - 10Nov47.
Air Conditioned Jungle on FDC 1023 is not the same as on VD 833. FDC is dubbed from Columbia 38165 (Co 38372-1). (See DEMS 93/3-4 and 03/2-24.) SH**

Page 151 . Session 4729 - 11Nov47. Progressive Gavotte on FDC 1023 is the same as VD 833. (See 03/1-27) SH
The V Disc 833 Ellington Mood (Progressive Gavotte) is dubbed from Columbia 38237 (Co 38374-1). (Sears V Discs discography - page 269.) FDC 1023 has a different take. [See also page 24 of this Bulletin] Luciano Massagli
You are quite right. Sorry! SH

Page 153 . Session 4735 - 24Dec47. Elaine Jones told us at the New York Ellington Conference on 13Aug93 that she played timpani in Dance No 1 of the Liberian Suite. When Patricia Willard asked her if she also played in the Columbia studio, her answer was "I only played at Carnegie Hall" SH

Page 247 . Session 5804 - 4Feb58 and Correction-sheet 1007. Track 360 take -15 and not take -16 is issued on Franklin Mint FM 4002 as correctly claimed in the liner-notes of the soon to be re-released album "Blues in Orbit". See page 21 of this Bulletin. SH**

Page 252 . Session 5824 - 3Jul58 (Newport). I think that Keep Your Hand on the Plow (on Columbia C2K-53584), should be recognised as an Ellington item, between Come Sunday and Take the "A" Train. While acknowledging that he is not at the piano, you can almost see him standing there, encouraging his band. Lance Travis

Page 296 . Session 6037 - 29Dec60.
Should read: French Musicians; Lance Travis

Pages 411 and 412 . Sessions 6564 and 6565 - 26Dec65.
Should read: 1st concert (and) 2nd concert.
This is consistent with sessions 6937 and 6938 - 27Sep69.
Lance Travis

Page 470 . Session 6736 - 6Mar67.
Thank you very much for the cassette. We listened attentively to Little Purple Flower. It is indeed a fresh version. It could be from the 6736 session, but this is not certain and further investigations are needed. Luciano Massagli

Page 473 . Session 6742 - 23Mar67. Should read:
This is the score for an English play. Lance Travis

Page 755 . Black Beauty, 6022b. The verse is indeed played by Ray Nance, but Lawrence Brown plays the chorus and coda. Martin Thach**

Page 861 . Emancipation Celebration, 4561l.
Description should read: Same as 4535h. SH**

Page 1004 . See suggested correction in DEMS 03/1-27. My copies of Gennett 3404 and Silverstone 5025 bear the title Lucky Number Blues; "Lucky Numbers Blues" was my error. Steven Lasker**

Page 1024 . Mood Indigo, 5007r.
Your description credits Nelson Williams for playing in the trio in chorus 1° and 4°. I have my doubts. I have a picture, taken by Heinz Pieper during the Hamburg concert of 29May50, which shows Quentin Jackson, Harry Carney and Al Killian playing Mood Indigo (the only selection in this concert with these three instruments together for the microphone) .
I compared the trumpet-player on this picture with the one in the 6Mar50 short "Salute to Duke Ellington", who is clearly visible during Violet Blue, left of Kay Davis. Dieter Pruess
Your picture will be mailed to Italy. Thanks!! DEMS**

Page 1261 . Theme V.I.P. Boogie. I see in the New DESOR always V.I.P. Boogie, but on all my records, it is V.I.P.'s Boogie. Where have you found your spelling? SH
We use always the title copyrighted as it appears in MIMM and the additions published by Mercer in his book. Luciano Massagli

Page 1267 . Theme Warm Valley.
In Bulletin 00/2-19 I drew your attention to the different descriptions of versions 4018d, 4031a and 4031b, which I think are not correct.
In 00/3-25 Giovanni Volont, suggested that the different version might have been inverted on disc 9 of the RCA-Box.
In 01/2-30 Steven Lasker reported having checked and compared disc 9 with the corresponding "metal parts" and having found that there was no inversion, thus confirmed what I suggested earlier.
I feel it would be useful to show again the actual structures:


4031a int4DE;1°16JH,8RS,8BAND;2°(nc)8BAND,16JH.
4031b int4DE;1°16JH,8RS,8BAND&RS;2°(nc)8JH,8BAND;3°(nc)8JH.

It is worth noticing that the above underlined 8BAND-passages are VERY different in 4018d and 4031b. Jean Portier

Pages 1321 and 1337 .
On page 1321, you jump from 202 to 257 and on page 1337 from 256 to 281. Why? SH
These pages are not in numerical order because the printer made a mistake in pagination. Luciano Massagli

Page 1445 . Mr Blanton's Death Certificate indicates that he was born in Chattanooga, TN on October 5,1919 and that his mother was Mrs Gertrude Blanton well-known teacher and musician in Chattanooga. Martin Thach**

Page 1458 . It is Maria Ellington. You will find this is so in her bios as well as her daughter Natalie's bio. Natalie's middle name is "Maria," after her mother. I know Maria Ellington's name is often mistakenly written as "Marie Ellington." Jo Ann Sterling**

Page 1472 . In September 1989, Ellington authority Patricia Willard conducted an extensive oral history interview with Herb Jeffries, as a part of the Smithsonian Institution's oral history project. In the interview, Jeffries stated that he was born on September 24, 1913. His "real" name is Umberto Alesandro Valentino.
His great grandfather, who was stationed in Ethiopia by the Italian government, married an Ethiopian. His (Jeffries') father was a Valentino, his mother, who was Irish, was named O'Dell. During his "Bronze Buckaroo" days (ca. 1937-1939), he was known as Herbert Jeffrey.
By the time he joined Duke in late 1939, he was Herb Jeffries. He is still going strong. [See DEMS 00/1-11/3; 00/2-19 & 00/3-6/2] Ben Pubols

Page 1470 . Paul Horn was not only in the session of 10oct60, but also in the session of 4oct60. SH**

Page 1502 . Ben Webster's first stay in the band should read 26Jan40 - 8Aug43.
The date for Ben's debut with Ellington should read 26Jan40. Ben is not present on the live recordings from Southland Caf, Boston 8-12Jan40; he was still with Teddy Wilson until 18Jan40. I found the date of 26Jan40 in several publications. Ellington opened on 26Jan1940 at Roseland State Ballroom in Boston after some days taking a rest in NYC.
According to a note in "Down Beat", Ben Webster opened with his own quartet at "The Three Deuces" on 52nd Street in NYC on 10Aug43.
Ben was still present on the broadcast of 3Aug43 from the "Hurricane" on the title Three Cent Stomp.
According to a further note in "Down Beat" the Duke Ellington Orchestra performed for some time without a replacement for Ben Webster, and it further says that Ben had performed already for some time at "The Three Deuces" with his quartet before Elbert "Skippy" Williams joined Duke Ellington (on 14Aug43?) Heinz Baumeister

Correction-sheet 1043 . Session 6934 - 4Sep69.
Soon It's Gonna Rain take -5 (on track 9) is recorded on 3Sep say the liner notes (p11). SH
Soon It's Gonna Rain take 5 was recorded on 4Sep69 and not on 3Sep as the liner-notes say. Stanley Dance, who described the recording sessions for Reader's Digest, wrote that the last take was recorded on 4Sep. Luciano Massagli

Typing errors
03/2 DEMS 29/1

03/1-18, 1086. 6oct47, Maybe I Should Change My Ways {on Classics is 2nd take, assigned -2 (and not -1)! ..} (See also DEMS 00/3-24, Page 151.) SH

03/1-24/2. The date of recording of the Mapleshade CD by Harold Ashby is 29/30Dec98 not Dec68! [Error is made by me, SH]. It now seems likely that this was his last recording. Graham Colomb,**

In DEMS 03/1-18 under number 985 it is said:

"7oct45, One Night Stand bc. 764, released on CD DETS 903.9005 (in disco's on 24oct45, see DEMS 02/2-6/2)."

This is wrong. Only 2 selections, Emancipation Celebration and Let the Zoomers Drool, are from the ONS bc, which had a total of 10 selections; 6 are released on DETS 903.9007: Take the "A" Train; Fancy Dan; Walkin' With My Honey; Go Away Blues; Homesick, That's All and I'd Do It All Over Again. 2 Selections are still unissued. DEMS

DESOR small corrections 5006
03/2 DEMS 29/2

Volume 1 (Corrections August 2003)

32 - Session 3716. Delete the take number -1 after 3716g. Add: 3716xa Harmony in Harlem unissued M650-1
Correction-sheet 1051. (03/2-14/1)

91 - Session 4504. DE4504m. The correct title is:
Wish You Are Waitin' for Me. (03/1-27)

388 - Session 6506. Add: 6506xa Midriff La 17411
Correction-sheet 1051. (02/2-25/4)

Volume 2 (Corrections August 2003)

XXXIV - Delete: Circle Blues .. C-Jam Blues (03/1-27)

XXXVI - Jammin' and Jibin' instead of Jammin' and Jubin' (03/1-27)

738 - Azure
3°12HC,4WJ-BB-JT&HC; instead of
int%,1DE instead of without int. (03/1-28)

759 - Bli-Blip
3°BAND&JB; instead of
4211a: Add: ,but JR instead of JB. (03/1-28)

772 - Bouncing Buoyancy
11°ILB&BAND; instead of
11°ICW&BAND.; (03/1-28)

776 - C-Jam Blues. Other titles: delete Circle Blues. (03/1-27)

809 - Conga Brava
pas6BAND instead of

855 - Dusk on the Desert. The correct other title is: Jammin' and Jibin'. (03/1-3)

879 - Gone But Not Forgotton. Add: M.Lee, B.King.

894 - Hayfoot, Strawfoot, 4217b: Same as 4217a, but: int8RS&DE.; (03/1-28)

917 - I Hear a Rhapsody, 4101b:
3°(nc)16BW instead of

971 - Jump for Joy, 4116d: add, between 1° and 2°: pas4BAND. (03/1-28)

974 - Junior Hop, 4033e: at the end of the 3° chorus:
6JH,2BAND instead of

1122 - She's Gone To Join the Songbirds in Heaven. Add: P.Granger.

1278 - The correct title is: Wish You Are Waitin' for Me. (03/1-27)

1282 - You Will Always Live in Our Memory. Add: J.Trent.

1440 - Ashby, Harold. Add: Mar 27, 1925 - June 13, 2003.

1450 - Carter, Benny. Add: Aug 8, 1907 - July 13, 2003.

1493 - Shaw, Arvell. Add: Sep 15, 1923 - Dec 6, 2002.

Correction-sheet 3003.
J21-A Lull at Dawn (4035g) instead of (4035f);
J22-A Lull at Dawn (4035h) instead of (4035g).

Correction-sheet 3016, BYG XY-2036. Add: NOTE -
Track B01: I Let & Don't Get as
Don't Get Around Much Anymore.

New DESOR correction-sheets
03/2DEMS 29/3


1051 - 3716 NYC         20Sep37   03/2-14/1
       6721 Manchester  10Feb67   02/3-10/1&2
       6506 Paris       29Jan65   02/2-25/4

Small corrections

5006 - Two pages with small corrections, assembled December 2002, from page 1170 until and including page 1502 (see 02/3-27); assembled April 2003, from page 58 until and including page 1480 (see 03/1-29&30) and assembled August 2003, from page 32 until and including page 1493 (see 03/2-29)