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Part 4. The New DESOR corrections

Page 253/254. Session 5827. This interview has nothing to do with the telecast "Summertime '58". It was recorded prior to the rehearsals for this television show, probably in the same studio, but that's all. (See also p17/3) SH

Page 267. Session 5858, Dec58. John Franceschina in his book "Duke Ellington's Music for the Theatre" p222, note 9, spelled the name as Croqinole, not Kokonol. SH**

Page 487. Session 6785, 1Sep67. Klaus Götting (DEMS 02/2-26) talks about several takes of Lotus Blossom; unfortunately we haven't these takes, so we cannot made any additions. Giovanni Volonté**

Page 505. Session 6841, 19Aug68. Add between 6841c and 6841d: Satin Doll, 6841xa. (This is an encore). Klaus Götting

Page 525. Session 6912, 25Apr69. See DEMS 02/2-26. Gregory Herbert was the substitute for Johnny Hodges, hospitalised at that time; he doesn't appear on the session 6912 because here plays a small formation only. Giovanni Volonté**

Page 542. Sessions 6948 and 6949, 4Nov69.

Both concerts according to Timner-4, Nielsen and Old Desor 1220/1221 opened with C-Jam Blues.

New DESOR 6948 deleted this opening C-Jam Blues from its files for the first concert, but has the title for the second concert as 6949a.

On my tapes I have C-Jam Blues for BOTH concerts: - a complete version 3:38 for the first cconcert 6948 (not mentioned in New DESOR) and - a %3:21 version for the second concert 6949 (as 6949a in New DESOR).

It is true that on my tape the complete version does not hang together with the following titles of 6948, but it is clearly different from 6949a. Shouldn't a C-Jam Blues also be mentioned for the first concert ?

Klaus Götting

I think you are right. I believe that Giovanni and Luciano do not have this opening title of 6948 on their tape, because they failed to make a description in the old Desor for 1220a.


Page 567. Session 7027, 2Apr70. I grew up in downtown Vancouver and have never heard of the "Cave Inn." One of the premiere night clubs in town throughout the 1960's and into the 1970's was, however, "The Cave," on Hornby Street, and that is all I ever heard it referred to as. That was the name on its sign, on its advertising bills and in its newspaper ads. It usually booked the "name" acts, as did its major competitor, Isy's Supper Club. (Same correction to be made in Timner 4th p368) David Palmquist

In the 70s I purchased an LP that was called something like "Duke Ellington Live from The Cave." It was a garish, translucent object I forget whether it was red or turquoise, the sound was awful, and a few of the selections were only fragments. It was obviously a bootleg probably recorded under someone's table. I told Duke about it, he was furious, and he insisted that I send it immediately to Stanley Dance who was tracing bootlegs for Duke at the time. I did, asking Stanley to return my prize after he had examined it. Stanley acknowledged receipt of the LP but refused to return it, saying he "needed it." I never found another copy but Duke did say that he had played The Cave in Vancouver and that no recording had been authorized. He never mentioned The Cave Inn. Patricia Willard

We had a radio personality in Vancouver who recently passed away Jack Cullen by name. His claim to fame was interviewing all the jazz greats to hit town, and he frequently made bootleg recordings of their performances. I suspect the LP you're referring to was a result of his work, and he probably pressed a few copies for his friends. Maybe one of them got into the wrong hands and copied for broader distribution. David Palmquist

The producer of THE OLD MASTERS was someone using the name "Max Abrams" and he operated out of a Los Angeles Post Office Box. The LPs appeared in 1971 and disappeared at once but the LPs had "general distribution" and were exported world wide by Jack s Record Cellar of San Francisco. Carl Hällström

I played the two TOM LPs "Duke Ellington Opens The Cave" [probably for the second time since their purchase!] and pass on the following information: The label on the A side of the first record fails to include the opening number C-Jam Blues. Following this tune, the MC announces "Ladies and Gentlemen, The Cave Theatre Restaurant proudly presents DUKE ELLINGTON". John Hornsby

Retired local radio host Red Robinson refers to the place as the Cave Theatre Restaurant. That sounds right to me.

David Palmquist

Page 568. Session 7028, 8Apr70. CBKRT Studios - that needs to be checked. This was likely in the CBC Radio studios in the Hotel Vancouver or in the CBUT television studio on West Georgia and Bute Streets. CBKRT was a CBC station in Regina, Saskatchewan, just over a thousand miles away by road. Maybe CBKRT had a studio in Vancouver, using part of the Vancouver CBC facilities? (Same correction to be made in Timner 4th p369) David Palmquist

Page 629. Session 7165, Paris 28oct71, 1st concert.

Is this session complete as shown?

As soon as in DEMS 84/4-12 Luis Contijoch mentioned an additional title on his tape:

La Plus Belle Africaine between Right on Togo and Come Off the Veldt.

My tape from the first concert at the Theatre National Populaire also has this La Plus Belle Africaine, again not documented in the New DESOR. It is true that the transition with the preceding Right on Togo is covered by the French broadcast's speaker, but the connection with the following Come Off the Veldt (called Kixx by the speaker) and then the Medley (only 3:00% on my tape) seems fluent.

I think this title should be included in session 7165: the speaker clearly announces 28oct71, although he does not specify 1st or 2nd concert. I of course compared the renditions of La Plus Belle Africaine from both concerts. They are definitively different, as are different the subsequent Come Off the Veldt and the Medley.

Klaus Götting

Pages 753 and 1214. Black and Tan Fantasy, 5931a and The Mooche, 5931c are not the same as 5825b and 5825d. Ray Nance had not yet arrived and his part was played by Clark Terry. (See p13/2) Jan Bruér

Page 771. Boo-Dah, 6433a is the opening number of a recording for French Canadian television from "Le Jazz Hot" room at the Casa Loma Club in Montréal on 20Apr64. The first telecast could have been 17Sep64. It was telecast again in the winter of 1997/98. The description should read: 1°BAND;2°CA;3°(nc)16BAND&JHa;,6BAND;pas4MH; 4°(nc)16BAND&JHa;5°(nc)8BAND&JHa;cod4BAND. SH

Page 788. Caravan, 6841b. I have on my tape no interruptions. The description should be corrected accordingly. See Small Corrections, 03/2-27. Klaus Götting

Page 1102 and 1450. I do not agree with the small corrections on 02/2-28. Harry did not play clarinet (cl.) but alt clarinet ( It follows further that the Key To Instruments on page VIII now requires the addition alto clarinet between the entries for a.s./alto sax. and ac./accordion in this listing. There is no other known use of the alto clarinet anywhere in the Ellington discography. Roger Boyes

Page 1108. Satin Doll, 6841c. The description is based on a tape with an interruption. What comes after the interruption describes the end of an encore (6841xa). The pass between choruses 6° and 7° of 6841c is only by Ellington, who plays the theme of Jingle Bells. This was correct in the old Desor, but it is wrong in the New DESOR. Klaus Götting

Page1166. Summer Samba, 6933e. I cannot believe that the trumpet solo in the Readers Digest recordings of this title was by Cootie Williams. I think it was Cat Anderson. Cootie is clearly heard in 6965f though. SH

Page 1461. Fuller, Jerry was born in 1939 and died July 2002. (Source Toronto Newsletter Sep02) DEMS

DESOR small corrections 5005

Volume 1 (Corrections December 2002)

XXI - TGf ..Tom Griffen Add: cl.

XXIV - Add: Fk .Folkways Records (01/3-24)

XXV - Add: Mr ..Marriott (02/2-13/1)

31 - Session 3710. Add before 3710e: 3710xa You'll Never Go to Heaven - unissued - B21188-1 Description: same as 3710e. (02/1-23) Correction-sheet 1036.

48 - Session 4012. Correct spelling of 4012b should read: At a Dixie Roadside Diner.

49 - Session 4014. Add before 4014a: 4014xa At a Dixie Roadside Diner - unissued (02/2-11/2) Correction-sheet 1037.

51 - Session 4028. Delete 4028m. (02/2-11/2)

56 - Make a note for session 9025, 30Mar41, Flamingo. (02/1-2/3) Correction-sheet 1046.

61 - Session 4207. June 29, 1941 instead of June 1942; WABC broadcast instead of CBS broadcast (02/2-21)

153 - Session 4736. 4736l: Boogie Bop Blue instead of Juke Bop Boogie. (00/3-12)

154 - Session 4737. 4737l: Boogie Bop Blue instead of Juke Bop Boogie. (00/3-12)

177 - Session 5124. Add Primping at the Prom; Moonlight Fiesta and Sophisticated Lady. All titles of this session (with the exception of the first one) are released on Gotham LP (GRC- DE1R/DE2R). (02/1-8/2) Correction-sheets 1036 and 3015.

180 - Session 5205, 5205u, How High the Moon. Delete: unissued; add: Fk LP-2968. This Folkways release is on correction-sheet 3014. (01/3-24) Correction-sheet 1038 replaces 1032.

197 - Session 5332. Tallhassee should read Tallahassee. (02/2-26)

241 - Session 5734. Festival Theatre instead of Festival Concert Hall. (02/2-26)

280 - Session 5931. Add six titles (02/3-13/2) Correction-sheet 1039.

280 - Session 5932. Delete: 5932a, 5932m, 5932n, 5932p, 5932q, 5932r. (02/3-13/2)

285 - Session 6003. Delete: 6003v, w and ac, Indian Summer; What Else Can You Do with a Drum? and Crescendo in Blue.
Add after 6003u, "DUAEL FUEL"
6003xa 1. Duael Fuel Part I
6003xb 1. Duael Fuel Part II
6003xc 1. Duael Fuel Part III
Add at the end of the session: 6003ad,
Take the "A" Train. Correction-sheet 1040.

320 - Session 6240.
Add before 6240: 6240xa, Blues for Blanton (-1);
before 6240h: 6240xb, Switch Blade (-4) and
before 6240m: 6240xc, Backward Country Blues (-1)
(02/2-24/4) Correction-sheets 1042 and 3014.

332 - Session 6319. Add: Europa Film Studio. Location: Stockholm, S instead of Sundyberg - Solna, S. (02/2-21/4)

366 - Session 6417. Add ten titles (the nine mentioned on 02/2-26, plus Depk). Correction- sheet 1037.

402 - Session 6539. Delete: DE, EH, BTa(p.). and 6539b, Sweet Lorraine. (02/2-23/3)

404 - Make a note before session 6544: Rehearsal session 9027, 28Jul65. (02/2-23/3) Correction-sheet 1045.

407 - Edit the note on one of these pages for session 9007. DUKE ELLINGTON - Fall 1965 - DE(tk.). - N.Y.C. - 9029a - Duke talkinng about Tanglewood. (02/2-23/3) Correction-sheets 1037 and 3014.

417 - Session 6614. Add: 6614n, Imagine My Frustration. Description: same as 6557h. (02/2-15/2) Correction-sheet 1039.

452 - Delete 6692a, I Didn't Know About You. (02/2-8)

458 - Session 6710 is not from 24Jan67 - 1st concert. The actual date must be still established. Session 6711. 1st concert instead of 2nd concert. (02/2-8) Make a note on page 459 for the 2nd concert, session 9027 on correction-sheet 1044.

483 - Session 6778. Change DE (tk.) into DE, Henry F.Whiston (tk.) (02/1-24)

487 - Session 6786. Add: 6786f and g, two more variations of Hot Shoppes Commercial. (02/2-13/1) Correction-sheets 1042 and 3015.

495 - Make a note for session 9030, 28Feb68. (02/2-23/3) Correction-sheet 1046.

504 - Make a note for session 9031, Spring/Summer 1968. (02/3-16/3) Correction-sheet 1046.

505 - Session 6841. Add before 6841d: 6841xa Satin Doll. (02/3-25) Correction-sheet 1041.

511 - Session 6851. 6851e: the actual title is Latin American Sunshine, mis-titled as Laughing on the Outside. (02/2-26)

536 - Sessions 6932, 6933 and on p537 session 6934. Add
before 6932a: 6932xa La Dolce Vita (-1);
before 6933b: 6933xa A Taste of Honey (-2);
before 6933e: 6933xb Summer Samba (-2);
before 6933f: 6933xc One Note Samba (-4);
at the end of session 6933: 6933xd, xe and xf Soon It's Gonna Rain (-1, -3 and -4);
before 6934a: 6934xa Mister Lucky;
before 6934c: 6934xb Moon Maiden;
before 6934d: 6934xc, xd, xe, xf, xg Walking Happy (-1, -2, -3, -4, -6) (02/2-12/3; 02/2-23/3 and 02/3-9/2)
Correction-sheets 1043 and 3014.

542 - Session 6948. Add before 6948a: 6948xa C-Jam Blues. Description same as 6946a. (02/3-25) Correction-sheet 1044.

606 - Session 7120. Change TGf (a.s.) into: TGf (a.s.,cl.)

607 - Session 7121. Change TGf (a.s.) into: TGf (a.s.,cl.)
Add before 7121a: 7121xa C-Jam Blues;
before 7121e: 7121xb Bourbon Street Jingling Jollies;
before 7121t: 7121xc Satin Doll. (02/2-26)
Correction-sheet 1045.

Volume 2 (Corrections December 2002)

XXXIII - Basso Profundo .Boogie Bop Blue instead of Basso Profundo .Juke Bop Boogie. (00/3-12)

726 - Alfie, 6933c. Delete Same as 6934e. Add: int4BAND;1°8+2HC,8HC,16BAND;pas6BAND; 2°(nc)2BAND,14NT(f.);cod1NT(f.),1BAND. (02/2-23/3)

736 - At a Dixie Roadside Diner. Correct the spelling from Dinner into Diner. Change 4028m into 4014xa (02/2-11/2)

749 - Bill Bailey, 6003y. Add: Same as 5930n.

753 - Black and Tan Fantasy, 5931a. Add: but: CT instead of RN. (02/3-13/2)

772 - Boogie Bop Blue. Add: Other title - Basso Profundo. Add a note: 4736l and 4737l; see description on p971 under Juke Bop Boogie. (00/3-12)

788 - Caravan, 6841b. Delete the whole description; add: int20PER;1°(nc)32BAND,16LB;2°(nc)32LB; 3°28BAND,4BAND&LB;,12DE&RJ;,20DE; cod2DE,4BAND. (02/3-25)

813 - Cotton Tail, 6614m. Delete the whole description; add: int8DE;1°(nc)8DE,8BAND,8EF;pas4BAND;
cod2EF,2EF&BAND;,4EF,2BAND&EF.; (02/2-15/2)

816 - Creole Love Call, 5931b. Add: but: CT instead of RN. (02/3-13/2)

820 - Crescendo in Blue. Change 5932r into 5931xf. (02/3-13/2)

820 - Crescendo in Blue. Delete 6003ac.

831 - Diminuendo in Blue. Change 5932p into 5931xd. (02/3-13/2)

831 - Diminuendo in Blue, 6003aa. Add: Same as 4645a.

854 - Duke Talking About, 6778a. Time: 10'29" instead of 0'56".

855 - Dusk on the Desert, 3716i. Change 30RS into 30AW.(02/2-27)

891 - Harlem Air-Shaft, 4014a: Same as 4012a, but: int12DE,12BAND. (02/2-23/3)

897 - Hello, Little Boy, 6003z. Add: 1°WC;2°/8°LG;cod2BAND.

909 - I Didn't Know About You. Change 6692a into 9027f. (02/2-8)Correction-sheet 1044.

947 - Indian Summer. Delete 6003v.

962 - Jam with Sam. Change 5932n into 5931xc. (02/3-13/2)

971 - Juke Bop Boogie. Delete: Other title Basso Profundo. Add a note: correct title for 4736l and 4737l is Boogie Bop Blue, see p772. (00/3-12)

985 - La Dolce Vita, 6932a: 5°(nc)1CW instead of 5°(nc)12CW.(02/2-23/3)

1035 - Moon Maiden, 6934c: cod12WBD instead of cod6WBD. (02/2-23/3)

1108 - Satin Doll, 6841c.
Delete the description after 6°(nc)16BAND;
add: pas8DE;7°DE&JCa;8°24DE&JCa;,8BAND;
Add 6841xa: int4DE;1°PG;2°24PG,8BAND;
3°(nc)8BAND,8DE;cod4DE. (02/3-26)

1140 - Soon It's Gonna Rain, 6934b: 3°(nc)16BAND&JH; instead of 8BAND&JH.; (02/2-23/3)

1157 - St. Louis Blues, 6003x. Add: Same as 5924q, but: int8DE.

1166 - Summer Samba, 6933e: cod18BAND instead of cod10BAND. (02/2-23/3)

DESOR small corrections 5006

Volume 2 (Corrections December 2002 continued)

1170 - Delete Sweet Lorraine. (02/2-23/3)

1188 - Take the "A" Train. Change 5932a into 5931xa. (02/3-13/2)

1213 - The Mooche, 5211a: 4°IIQJ&PG;5°II8QJ&PG;,4QJ instead of 4°IIQJ&HJe;5°II8QJ&HJe;,4QJ. (02/2-27)

1214 - The Mooche, 5931c. Add: but: CT instead of RN. (02/3-13/2)

1232 - Things Ain't What They Used To Be, 6003u. Delete: int4DE;1°4BAND,%; add: Same as 6124x.

1262 - V.I.P.' Boogie. Change 5932m into 5931xb. (02/3-13/2)

1263 - Wailing Interval. Change 5932q into 5931xe. (02/3-13/2)

1263 - Wailing Interval, 6003ab. Add: 1°DE;2°/18°PG;19°BAND&PG;20°/25°PG; 26°(nc)10BAND&PG;cod9PG,1BAND. (02/3-13/2)

1266 - Walking Happy, 6934d: cod26CA&JH; instead of cod2JH&CA;,4JH,12JH&CA.; (02/2-23/3)

1272 - What Else Can You Do with a Drum? Delete 6003w.

1362 - Gotham (0407). The correct number of the record is: (GRC-2873). (02/1-8/2)

1447 - Brown, "Ray". Oct 13, 1926 - Jul 2, 2002. (02/2-2)

1452 - Clooney, Rosemary. May 23, 1928 - Jun 29, 2002. (02/2-2)

1465 - Griffen, Tom. Add: , clarinet. Add: On clarinet: C-Jam Blues.

1467 - Hayes, "Tubby". Jan 30, 1935 - Jun 8, 1973. (02/2-27)

1495 - Stewart, Rex. Delete: Dusk on the Desert. (02/2-27)

1502 - Whetsol, Arthur. Add: Dusk on the Desert. (02/2-27)

Correction-sheet 1017 - Delete session 9007 (02/2-23/3)

Correction-sheet 1032 (session 5205) should be replaced by correction-sheet 1038. (01/3-24)

New DESOR correction-sheets


3710 NYC 20May37 02/1-23
5124 NYC 19Aug51 02/1-8/2

4014 Detroit 29Jul40 02/2-11/2
6417 Stockholm, 2nd conc. 9Mar64 02/2-26
9029NYC Fall 1965 02/2-23/3

5205 Salem, OR 22Mar52 01/3-24
(This is an update of 5205 on Correction-sheet 1032)

5931 Stockholm, 1st conc. 26Sep59 02/3-13/2
6614 Stockholm, 2nd conc. 7Feb66 02/2-15/2

6003 Baltimore 22Feb60

6841 Atlantic City 19Aug68 02/3-25

6240NYC 17Sep62 02/2-24/4
6786 NYC Sep67 02/2-13/1

6932 NYC 2Sep69 02/2-12&23
6933 NYC 3Sep69 02/2-12&23
6934 NYC 4Sep69 02/2-12&23

6948 Stockholm, 1st conc. 4Nov69 02/3-25
9027 Stockholm, 2nd conc. 24Jan67 02/2-8

7121 NYC 16Apr71 02/2-26
9028 Tanglewood, MA 28Jul65 02/2-23/3

9025 L.A. 30Mar41 02/1-2/3
9030 NYC 28Feb68 02/2-23/3
9031 Unknown Spr./Summ. 1968 02/3-16/3


6240 Blue Note 72435-38227-2 02/2-24/4
CD1/CD3 Bluebird 0902663953-2 02/2-23/3
5204/05/08 Folkways LP FJ-2968 01/3-24

Small corrections

5005 - Two pages with small corrections, assembled Aug 2002, from page 819 until and including page 1486 (see 02/2-28) and assembled December 2002, from page XXI until and including page 1166 (see 02/3-26&27)

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