01/1 April-July 2001


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New DESOR correction-sheets

DEMS 01/1-27

This is an addition to the listing in DEMS Bulletin 00/4-25


3009  6104/05      Roulette 7243524547-2  00/3-20
      6104/05      Roulette 7243524548-2  00/3-20
      4227/28/9012  Turner C.M. R2-79805  00/3-8
      2913/3010/3308/3415  Privateer-102
      4231/4319       AFRS Band Wagon-31  99/4-6

3010  4636     AFRS Tommy Dorsey Show-57
      4718   AFRS Hollywd Bowl Series-59

3011  4506              AFRS Jubilee-117
      4707/4594     AFRS Melody Hour-192
      4509      AFRS One Night Stand-854

Correction-sheet 3011 is not yet available


The New DESOR corrections

DEMS 01/1-28/1

(Suggested corrections April 2001)

Page 63. Session 4219 — Jul/Aug42.
Our tape from this occasion does not fit with the DESOR description.
4219a&b are OK, but (to our ears): 4219c Chelsea Bridge clearly has Jimmie Blanton on bass and turns out to be the very classic Standard Transcription 4120b from 17Sep41, which we know from various releases.
4219d Concerto For Cootie has not RN but CW on trumpet. Thus this version must be from 1940, but it is different from all four recordings in 1940: 4006, 4010, 4014 and 4019. This means that we have here a fifth version, possibly also from a Hotel Sherman broadcast.
Can you please check and investigate this matter? Either our tape is a fake and a genuine recording 4219 exists..... or ALL 4219 tapes contain the same montage and the session's identification is not correct.
Claude Carrière/Jean Portier**

Page 182. Session 5212 — 25Jul52.
See your discussion in 00/4-23. You were waiting for our opinion about the vocalist who sang She during this session. We are convinced that it was Jimmy Grissom and not Ozzie Bailey.
Luciano Massagli and Giovanni Volonté

Page 220. Session 5616 — 10Jul56, New Haven.
I wonder whether I've missed something in DEMS-Bulletins related to this date, because my tape not only contains a complete Medley, 5616g with a complete
Just Squeeze Me, followed by It Don't Mean A Thing, Solitude, C-Jam Blues, I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart & Don't Get Around Much Anymore; it also has three titles after the Medley: V.I.P.Boogie (2:56), Jam With Sam (3:37) and National Anthem (1:26).
Nielsen's disco shows these additional titles. Timner does not in any of his editions, neither does DESOR. Where is the problem/the misunderstanding?
Klaus Götting**

This matter has never been discussed in DEMS yet. I agree, also my tape is complete.
Sjef Hoefsmit**

Pages 234 (and 1269). Session 5709 — 7Mar57.
We only know take -7 of West Indian Dance. Other takes however exist and (although they all remain unissued) should be mentioned in the New DESOR:
- West Indian Dance  CO57520-   (1:53) kind of rundown
- West Indian Dance ; CO57520-1  (2:13) complete
- West Indian Dance ; CO57520-   (0:59) not complete
- West Indian Dance ; CO57520-2  (2:27) complete
- West Indian Dance ; CO57520-4  (2:30) complete
- West Indian Dance ; CO57520-6  (2:24) complete
Klaus Götting

Page 551. Session 6962 — 15Nov69, Genève.
See the previous discussion in 00/4-23. The question is where to put the selection Fleurette Africaine. We do not know the date or the location. Can anyone help us?
Luciano Massagli

Page 615. Session 7140 — 27Jul71.
Monologue, 7140ai: Delete DE (p), add Wild Bill Davis (o) + DE (tk).
Luis Contijoch

Pages 775 (and 151). Brown Penny, 4724e as issued on CBS LP 32564 and CBS CD 462985 is edited. It plays for 3:05 with 1° KD, on both releases. The Social Security Administration Series "The Genius of Duke" has the same Brown Penny in its program #34 hosted by Buck Clayton. Here we seem to have the complete (or at least a longer)
take -2 playing for 4:10 with: intBS;1°KD;2°(nc)16KD.
Klaus Götting**

"The Genius of Duke" LPs are mentioned in DEMS 97/4-8; 98/1-19/3; 00/1-14/6; 00/2-12/1 and 00/3-10/1.
A complete listing can be found in DESUK 4/4-20,21&22. In this list (and maybe also on the LP) the title is misspelled as Brown Berries.
Sjef Hoefsmit**

Pages 1113 (and 29). Scattin' At The Kit Kat, 3612a has a short intro by CW, not mentioned in DESOR and only present on the FMRS-LP.
Jean Portier**

See also DEMS 82/3-5.
Sjef Hoefsmit**

Page 1166. Art Baron, in his 21Feb01 presentation for TDES, Inc. NYC: "Sultry Sunset was in point of fact written by Tyree Glenn, then 'borrowed' by Duke Ellington and retitled; Mr. Glenn repossessed it and renamed it How Could You Do A Thing Like That To Me?"
Sjef Hoefsmit**

Page 1379. Marlor Productions — ELL-90, Track A01 should read: until 4th chorus from 4902e with the first 8 bars of the intro omitted, the following choruses from 4908c; track B06: not only ends at the 4th bar of the 5th chorus, but is also missing the first three bars of Duke's intro, which were also covered with comments by the announcer in the original Just Jazz broadcast.
Forgotten, sorry

Page 1389. Ozone 12 — 1001, track B04, add: also last 10 bars omitted.
Forgotten, sorry


DESOR small corrections 5004

DEMS 01/1-28/2

Volume 1
(Accepted corrections April 2001)

VII -  BW     Band Wagon
       TDS    Tommy Dorsey Show
       HBS    Hollywood Bowl Series
       MHO    Music Hour

49 - Session 4018. 4018c, add: vcIA.

70 - 4319xb, 4319b, 4319c, 4319d, 4319e. Delete: unissued; add: AFRS BW-31.

93 - 4509ag. Delete: unissued; add: AFRS ONS-854.

119 - Session 4583. Add: NBC broadcast.

146 - 4707a. Delete: unissued; add: AFRS MHO-192.

149 - 4718v, 4718w, 4718x, 4718y, 4718z, 4718af. Delete: unissued; add: AFRS HBS-59 (8/10)

155 - Session 4738. Add, on the third line: KD(vc.). 4738d add: vcKD.

247 - 5803i. Delete: MP Ell-86; add: unissued.

276 - Sessions 5924, 5925, 5926, 5927. Delete, on the third line: AM(t.)

340 - Sessions 6337, 6338 and correction sheet 1019: change GRo into GR.

416 - Session 6610. February 2 instead of February 3. (00/4-2/1)

478 - 6762e. Add: Pb PACD-2625-704-2.

Volume 2 (Accepted corrections April 2001)

732 - Antidisestablishmentarianismist, Add: NOTE - Arranged by Gerald Wilson.

738 - Azure, 6641e. Delete: HA; add: JHa.

962 - 5860c. Add: , but CT(fl.) instead of CT.

1052 - No Papa No, 2812e. Change HC (a.s.) into JH. (00/3-25)

1188 - 5605a. Change 4106j into 4313e.

1363 - GUEST STAR 463. Side A ends with 5516c; side B begins with 5516d. Delete, in the NOTE: Side B not by Ellington.

1378 - MARLOR PRODUCTION Ell-86. B04, delete: Wailing Interval (5803i).

1401 - RCA FPM1-7002. Change in the NOTE track A02 into track A03. (85/2-4)

1475 - KELLY, Theodore: Sep 7, 1921 - Nov 6, 2000.