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Technical details and tips


The Duke – Where and When

A Chronicle of Duke Ellington's Working Life and Travels

File size

You should not try to open the webpage with devices with which you must pay data usage or transfer charges.

The TDWAW file exceeds 8 megabytes and 15,000 rows of data.

While each year is in a separate html table, I do not plan to divide the webpage into smaller segments because it is still under active development. A single large file is easier to manage than several smaller ones.

This means the webpage will download very slowly with slow internet connection speeds.

The page may take some time to open initially because it is so large. If your browser caches it, though, it should open quickly until you refresh your browser.

I don't believe it functions well with tablet computers or smart phones.


I used the Opera browser on a desktop Windows computer with screen resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels while writing this webpage, because Opera is fast. It functions well on Windows operating system computers using the latest Firefox, Safari for Windows, Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers, although the appearance might change a little because each browser interprets html and css codes differently. I believe it runs well on Apple or Mac computers as well, and it runs very slowly on slow-download speed tablets.


The navigation bar will take you to the beginning of any year, but otherwise simply move up and down with the scroll bars, the {Up} and {Down} arrows, or the {Page Up}, {Page Down} keys. {Home} and {End} will take you to the top or bottom of the document. It's fast and simple to navigate with your browser's Find function ({Ctrl} + {F} in Windows browsers), searching for any text string (city, venue, etc.) To find a particular month, spell it out: "May 1951" or "1951 05". To find a specific date, spell it metrically: "yyyy mm dd", i.e "1951 05 13," making sure to include the spaces. You can also abbreviate these search terms a little: "51 May," "51 05, 51 05 13" and simply press {F3} to move to the next hit.

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